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Published 04/26/2019 TO airport, aviation

Passionate About Passenger Satisfaction

The air travel industry is highly competitive and that makes it imperative for aviation professionals to continue to understand the evolving needs of their passengers, their expectations, and...
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Published 03/04/2019 TO airport, aviation, IFM

We're serving the "Best Small Airport in the United States"!

Flagship Facility Services is pleased to announce that we've been selected as the maintenance partner for Paine Field (PAE)!
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Published 02/12/2019 TO airport, aviation

The Aerotropolis

Airports are no longer just points of origin or destination. Airports are now defining entire regions and many leading organizations factor them into their relocation and staffing decisions. This...
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Published 02/12/2019 TO airport, aviation

What’s in the water?

The water passengers consume during their flights can be dangerous. Airport water tank cleaning processes are often flawed and this places the passenger population at risk. Understanding the...
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