How to Build a Successful Sustainability Program

Published February 12, 2019

Categories: Thought Leadership

We’ve only got this one planet. Maintaining our planet is important now and for generations to come. Companies and consumers have spent years viewing recycling as the solution. While the efforts are noble, recycling continues to yield minimal results.

Recycling failures explains why the focus has shifted to sustainability. Sustainability works in ways recycling never has. If you’re planning to build a successful program here are some tips.

“China is no longer allowing imported recycled materials from foreign countries which has resulted in a recycling crisis”... The New York Times

  • Educate: The first step to success is education. Recycling fails because there is no clarity. Employees are unsure what is and isn’t recycling. When there is this level of confusion, staffs begin to lose interest. If you want a successful program factor education into the mix.
  • Communicate: Communicate the vision to your employees. The lack of communication is one of the challenges recycling programs face. Employees on the frontline will be carrying the efforts. Whatever the goals are, they’ll decide if they’re met. This makes communicating with them an important piece of your program.
  • Keep it easy: We’re saving the planet; it’s that simple. That sums up the mission of sustainability. For your organization, set simple, traceable goals that help support this effort. Making your program complex is a sure way to fail. Keep it easy and keep your staff engaged. Doing this is sure to result in a success.

We’re not getting another planet so it’s important that we all do our part to protect this one. As a leader, your part is building a program that contributes to the global effort. Educate, empower and engage your staff. By doing this, your company will be successful and so too will your efforts to maintain the planet.