Published 11/14/2019 TO Thought Leadership, Customers, Employees

Thank You

Make a positive impact this season by saying “thank you” to the people that make your day a little better.
Published 11/07/2019 TO Aviation, Customers, Facilities Management, Janitorial

When to Outsource FM

Should you outsource your facilities management or keep it inhouse? We discuss when outsourcing makes sense or when it may be best to do it yourself.
Published 10/31/2019 TO Thought Leadership, Employees, Staffing

The Future of Jobs

The evolution of technology is changing everyday tasks and disrupting the current ways of business. Companies need employees that can develop a hybrid...

Protecting Your Staff

Who’s seen someone naked at work? Almost half of the hospitality workers have said that such things have happened to them, but they’re afraid to report...
Published 10/18/2019 TO Aviation, Facilities Management

Advancing Passenger Satisfaction

Making things as painless as possible for passengers is very important. How can you start improving the overall experience for passengers?
Published 10/11/2019 TO Employees, Facilities Management, Janitorial

Tech to Control Viruses

There may be genetic shape-shifting mutants in your building, and it’s not because it’s Halloween season. They’re influenza viruses, and they...
Published 10/04/2019 TO Employees, Facilities Management, Janitorial

Get Your Facility Ready for Flu ...

How can you prepare your facility for combating these micro-organisms? Here are some tips to help arm your facility & keep it from becoming a ghost...
Published 09/27/2019 TO Customers, Employees, Education

Creating Social Value

What have you done to make your employees feel empowered? This week at Flagship we are focused on creating social value for our employees.
Published 09/20/2019 TO Aviation, Employees, Facilities Management, Janitorial

Sustainable Disruption

What challenge does your business have that you can turn into a sustainable opportunity? Customers are driving corporations to become more eco-focused.
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