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This is the main waiting area of the new airport terminal at Paine Field in Everett. Commercial service by Alaska Airlines begins Monday, March 4, and United Airline flights start March 31. Photo credit: Seattle Times, Mike Siegel.

March 4, 2019 San Jose, CA – Flagship Airport Services, Inc. is proud to have been selected as the maintenance partner for Paine Field (PAE) in Everett, Washington, as it begins providing commercial aviation services. The airport has received national attention for its passenger amenities, including a waiting room reminiscent of an upscale lounge. CNN Travel even asked, “Is this the best small airport in the United States?”

The newly renovated airport will provide a more convenient travel option for the more than one million residents who live in north King and Snohomish Counties and would otherwise have to drive through Seattle’s traffic to get to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

Paine Field (PAE) was developed as part of a public-private partnership with Snohomish County. Propeller Airports is responsible for building and maintaining the state-of-the-art, two gate terminal, which will revert to County ownership at the end of the lease. Propeller will make annual rental payments to the County, and both parties will share terminal revenues.

Flagship is excited to be working with Propeller Airports and Snohomish County to maintain these beautiful new facilities,” said Jim Mikacich, National Vice President of Aviation Sales for Flagship. “We’re here to help every customer have a great travel experience."

From Seattle.Curbed.com:

Fast Paine Field Facts

  • Paine Field was originally supposed to be a commercial airport when it was planned in the 1930s, but wartime after wartime—World War II, then Korea—kept delaying Snohomish County’s plan for passenger flights. Eventually, it became an industrial airport.
  • While Boeing is the most famous company to operate out of Paine Field, more than 50 business have operations there.
  • Paine Field is named for Topliff Olin Paine, a pilot for the Air Mail Service in its early days famous for being able to navigate in almost impossible weather conditions.
  • The airfield hosts an aviation museum called the Flying Heritage and Combat Armor Museum, with a collection of World War II-era aircraft, tanks, and armor—including the Polikarpov U-2, flown by Soviet women on nighttime raids against the Nazis.