Top 3 Productivity Hacks for Facility Managers


The work day is only 8-hours long—and it’s not getting any longer. At some point every facility manager has wished they could add a few more hours. But since the days aren’t getting any longer we’ve come up with these tips to help you get the most out of your day.

Start each day with a to-do list

It might sound simple and antiquated but many a manager has found the value in the simple to-do list. A to-do list can act as a compass that keeps the day moving in the right direction and helps consistently yield positive results. To-do lists are highly effective so if you haven’t already, consider adding them to your daily work routine.

Hire Right People

Hire right

Facilities are complex environments with several different moving parts. They’re challenging to say the least but this challenge can be alleviated by hiring the right people. Hire right and build a team that understands the basic principles of sound facilities management. This will improve the efficiency of your operation and allow you to maximize your day and best serve your customer base.

Team Member Power


There’s nothing worse than assigning a task and then having to look over the shoulder of the team member you assigned it to in order to make sure the job gets done. Hiring right gives you the power (and comfort) of delegating to capable, competent professionals. This increases output, frees up talent for bottleneck situations, and maximizes the day.


The days aren’t getting any longer, the challenges of facilities are becoming more complex which means when it comes to time and how to manage it, Facility Managers must become better. Take the time to review your processes and the staff you have in place to support them. Wherever necessary, make changes that will best suit your needs and more importantly, the needs of your customers.