Driving Value Among Your Staff and Building a Workplace Culture


In the world that we live in, the traditional 9-to-5, 8-hour day has gone by the wayside. In its place is a new philosophy that says do whatever it takes! As a manager, you can’t afford to ignore the effort employees are giving. There are several ways that you can reward your staff and build a successful workplace. They include the following.

Sweat the small stuff: Even if it’s a small win, make it a point to celebrate it with the responsible team member. Make sure his teammates hear about. This will push them to work even harder so that they might receive the same type of recognition.

Stay connected: Often, today’s worker exists on an island. They create a space where others might not feel comfortable intruding. This includes the person in charge. From time to time, venture into their space to check on them. Let them know you see them and praise their efforts. This builds an environment of trust and shows them that they’re actually valued.

Be open: Being open often means allowing team members to change it up. Working from outside of the office is one way to do this. A change of scenery can do wonders for employees. Having a boss who is receptive to this is a bonus to an employee who gives it their all.

How about a day to yourself? Encouraging a hard worker to take a day off and do nothing related to work is always a good idea. This allows them to refresh, re-focus, and recharge. When they return, they’re prepared to do even greater things.

Culture is important: Building a strong workplace culture is important if you are to protect your employees from burnout. Without the proper culture, employee turnover, not retention will soon be the norm.


Showing your staff that they matter is important to the success of your business. No matter how large or small, don’t miss out on an opportunity to appreciate their efforts. Doings so will add a considerable amount of value to your brand.