2021's Top 5 - the greatest hits

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This is the first article in 2022 for our Inside FM blog. (We wanted to give everyone's inbox a break and we hope that you enjoyed the holidays - however you may have celebrated them!)

Now that we're used to writing "2022" as we pay bills (okay, almost used to it) - we're back at the weekly blog, sharing our thoughts on facility services and how best to support your offices and other facilities.

We created and shared a lot of content last year and, in keeping with the new year tradition of taking a look back at the year just past - here (ICYMI) are some of our most popular articles from 2021:

The Dangers and Opportunities of Snow Removal

For a facility manager (FM), snow presents a number of unique challenges. Good FMs always think in terms of Safety-Cost-Quality-Delivery-People (citing my friends and two of the best FMs I know, Cameron MacKenzie and Jeff Kistler who taught me about how to think about FM operations in this way), and SCQDP definitely applies to snow removal.

Creating Opportunities with Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

When people hear the term “diversity” they often think only of race, gender, ethnicity, age, disability, sexual orientation, and religion. However, there are additional differences in personalities, education, skill sets, experiences, and knowledge bases that contribute to workplace diversity.

Air Filtration Hack

Experts have learned that ventilation improvements are essential to helping remove aerosolized viruses from the air. However, not every facility can improve its ventilation to the degree it needs. Others may find that the cost of these changes is too much for the business to handle.

Six Questions Employees WILL Ask Before Returning to the Office and the Answers to Each!

Employee anxiety about returning to the office has only increased with Omicron. Here are 6 questions and our suggested responses to help your employees feel comfortable.

IFM Expert Perspective: Returning to the Office

In this edition of "An Expert's P.O.V.", Flagship’s own Mike Thompson, President/IFM discusses the challenges in store for returning to the office and how facilities management teams can improve the process and provide a seamless experience for employees.

Flagship is grateful that we have been able to keep so many employees, occupants, and travelers safer and healthier throughout 2021 with advanced cleaning methods and great employees. If you need a team that will work with you to provide healthy disinfection and help your facility run smarter, we’re here to help.

Email a facilities expert today and get the help you need to keep your facility healthy and safe.