Advancing Passenger Satisfaction

Categories: Aviation, Facilities Maintenance

A broken down, dirty and chaotic airport doesn’t sound like a peaceful start to a holiday vacation, does it? Airports set the tone for travelers during what is already a potentially very stressful time. Therefore, making things as painless as possible for passengers is very important.

How can you start improving the overall experience for passengers?

Many times, a positive experience starts with the basics, things like cleanliness, organization, functional performance, comfort and a quick response rate go a long way with passengers. If you’re working with a company that can handle the basics in excellent form, that allows you to take service to the next level and introduce truly exceptional experiences that can be customized to your different audiences.

That is how Flagship has helped businesses in the aviation industry soar to new heights. We take care of the facility operations and deliver excellent performance, and our aviation partners can concentrate on enhancing the experience for passengers. In fact, each year, Flagship is responsible for the maintenance and cleanliness of 6.94 billion square feet of space in airports throughout the nation. And the airports that Flagship is responsible for maintaining receive some of the highest ratings from consumers year after year.

As Flagship helped with operations, our partner airports improved their J.D. Power North America Airport satisfaction scores by concentrating on fun and unique experiences. Flagship has a proven track record of adding value to everyday processes by empowering staff, providing superior customer service and customizing solutions to fit an airport environment. By allowing Flagship to concentrate on cleanliness, convenience and facility organization, our partner airports can dedicate more time and resources to other events.

Better value and more accountability in the way maintenance dollars are spent is also where Flagship has helped our aviation partners excel. Beyond the importance of janitorial preciseness, Flagship has been extremely successful in implementing Integrated Facility Management (IFM) within the aviation industry. These approaches drive cost efficiencies, increase accountability, and support a higher standard of quality throughout the service delivery ecosystem.

As the travel industry continues to explode and record passenger volume flows in and out of airports, it is causing travelers more disruption than they would like. However, even with these passenger delays and confusion, because we understand the pain points and challenges that can evolve in the aviation industry, Flagship airports continue to score as some of the highest in the nation for airport satisfaction.

What are some ways we help our client airports excel?

At San Diego International Airport, tarmac staff noticed that there was a lot of condensation under the jet bridges. The water was landing on the blacktop below and evaporating. It seemed like such a waste. Flagship staff worked with a local environmental services group to develop a condensation capturing system. The water was then repurposed in several different areas including pressure washers, carpet shampooers, and a host of other areas.

At Orlando International Airport, Flagship cut costs through using IFM innovation and best-in-class procedures to extend the life of carpets. Despite a 44% increase in growth, with more than 49 million annual passengers and being the busiest airport in Florida and 10th busiest in the U.S., MCO has continued to remain at the top of the J.D. Power North America Airport Satisfaction Ranking year after year.

At Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport, Flagship has maintained a relationship with aviation giant American Airlines and offered creative solutions during some of their most difficult circumstances. A complex merger with US Air was consummated, they struggled with bankruptcy and at the same time, a total renovation of their home terminal was underway; which brought a unique set of circumstances that had to be addressed from a service perspective.

After 30+ years of experience, we understand your challenges and we can help, no matter your growth situation. We are willing to go above and beyond to bring additional value through exceptional passenger experiences.

What new opportunities can we help your airport discover?