Passionate About Passenger Satisfaction

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The air travel industry is highly competitive and that makes it imperative for aviation professionals to continue to understand the evolving needs of their passengers, their expectations, and preferences, as well as industry trends that continue to evolve.

When you are competing with the best of the best, you need every resource in your pocket to help your services stand out a little more, make your operation a bit better. Remember, your competition doesn’t end with other airports or airlines. Many other businesses are trying to figure out how to disrupt your business and change the travel model as well. Advances in technology and changes in high-speed and long-distance travel methods continue to change the needs of customers.

That is why it is clear the aviation industry is passionate about improving customer satisfaction.

J.D. Power found in 2018, North America airline customer satisfaction had and overall improvement each year for seven consecutive years and airports achieved a record high in overall passenger satisfaction. According to the J.D. Power 2018 North America Airport Satisfaction Study, there were “across-the-board improvements in five factors: check-in; food, beverage and retail; accessibility; terminal facilities; and baggage claim” which helped drive overall passenger satisfaction.

Is it a coincidence that Flagship Aviation Services works with airports that were ALL rated within the top SEVEN on the J.D. Power 2018 North America Airport Satisfaction Study, and two ranked as number one?

Airport Infographic JD Power

Study results have indicated that some of the key satisfiers in airport quality, such as cleanliness and creating a pleasant environment to spend time in, have a significant influence on how satisfied passengers are with their airport experience. We’d like to think Flagship employees had a positive impact on that portion of the passenger experience.

Some of the reasons are quite literally in the details.

Flagship Airport Employees

Like the airports we support, it’s one thing to provide the services expected, but it’s another to go that extra step. Superior service is a key differentiator in any market, especially in air transportation.

Flagship Airport Services has been extremely successful in implementing Integrated Facility Management (IFM) approaches that drive cost efficiencies, increase accountability, and support a higher standard of quality throughout the service delivery ecosystem. That’s because our employees go above the call of duty. Read about some of the ways we’ve helped some of our current airport facilities:

  • Utilizing the 5S workplace organization process developed by Henry Ford in the early 20th century, Flagship Airport Services’ operations team implemented a visual system that logically organized workspaces and removed unnecessary items in order to standardize process and efficiency. Read More
  • Flagship Airport Services not only provide services that go above and beyond, but our employees also keep an eye towards protecting our planet. Our proactive planning and green initiatives lead us on a mission to creative conservation. Read More
  • When safety hazards present a risk, Flagship Airport Services was there to save the day. Our well-trained team pivoted quickly to meet immediate response needs and our ability to custom-scale staff became a critical advantage during a high-volume holiday. Read More

Excellent passenger service is one of the greatest assets for an aviation professional in today’s competitive environment. When you understand your passengers’ behaviors, disposition, and preferences, you are better positioned to target performance improvement initiatives that facilitate positive passenger experiences, fine-tune your service to boost passenger satisfaction, increase brand loyalty and advocacy, spot opportunities for new revenues and potentially maximize sales.

How will Flagship be able to help you exceed your passengers’ expectations and get the competitive edge?