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How the IoT is reshaping the air travel experience

There was a time when no matter the destination, business, pleasure; or someplace in between, consumers approached the airport with trepidation. The airport was a place where good times went by the wayside due to long lines, inefficient processes, and frustratingly inadequate customer service.

All of this took place before you stepped on the plane. Once there chances are, you were met with many of the same challenges you experienced on the ground. These things combined to make what should have been an enjoyable experience a virtual nightmare. All that has changed of late thanks in part to the IoT.

“The IoT has the potential to change the travel experience and create valuable new bonds between the passenger, airline, and the airport”...


Nowadays, the moment a passenger steps out of their car, they’re feeling the effects of the IoT. Online check-ins and baggage processing are just the tip of the iceberg as more innovations are set to be unveiled in the years to come!

Clear Direction

Who hasn’t gone to an airport and found themselves wondering, looking at signs that make little or no sense while fretting about not making their flight on-time? Using Bluetooth beacons and WIFI geo-location technology, passengers are now able to pinpoint their locations, bringing a fresh appeal to the airport experience. Relevant information including flight notices, gate changes, and product offers all bring convenience and reduce stress.

Safe, sound, and secure

Technology is not only impacting travel at home; it’s gone global. With machine-readable passport usage on the rise, the days of waiting on immigration officer approvals when traveling internationally will soon be gone.

Never miss a flight

Missing a flight is the last thing any traveler wants to do, but missed flights are a part of the travel experience. Several airlines have begun including sensors on their planes that use SMS messages to update passengers on flight status changes. This real-time information includes reminders and updates and has been well-received by consumers.

Plane Experience

A number of other IoT concepts will soon be introduced to customers. From seat sensors to measure anxiety, hydration, and temperature to the use of real-time data to determine individual connecting flight statuses, the possibilities are endless.

Air travel has become an everyday way of life but it doesn’t have to be a challenge. By embracing new technologies airlines can become better aligned with consumers, their needs and how to best address them. This will greatly increase their value while at the same time, drive consistent growth throughout their sector.