Improve User Experiences with IoT

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Over the past six weeks we have featured the different ways the Internet of Things (IoT) can benefit your facility. If you’ve missed the previous editions, make sure you go back and check out a general overview of the benefits of IoT for Facilities. We also took a deeper look at the ways that IoT could benefit facilities within certain areas, including operations and management, utility management, SOW management and safety and security.

In this final edition, we are wrapping up the series by taking a closer look at specific ways that IoT can improve the user experience. We’re going to talk about how IoT can provide users with consistency, drive positive engagement and empower users with knowledge.

Studies by Kaivac, a commercial cleaning systems producer, showed that a customer’s attention is heightened by uncleanliness, and not in a good way. It will influence their purchasing decisions throughout their entire experience at your facility and possibly future experiences with your brand.

However, when you create a positive experience from the moment the user walks through your doors, it will allow you to generate a strong baseline of trust and develop loyal and happy customers. IoT solutions can help you create that interactive experience, engage safely with users and help you better understand what occupants want.

IoT for improving user experiences

The simple truth is, beyond just accepting it, your customers are beginning to expect technological improvements and consistent experiences. They’re already experiencing holistic, consistent and customized experiences for their retail, media and other industry needs. So, now is the time for your facility to begin connecting in new ways that tailor communications and experiences to their preferences.

Onsite digital communications

Knowledge is power and digital signage and mobile alerts can help you educate occupants about what is going on in your facility and provide transparent information and guidance. This gives your occupants the power to make decisions based on the presented information.

Digital communications can be used to promote your brand, provide awareness and keep your occupants informed about new initiatives. The communications can also be customized frequently based on who is at your facility and current goals.

Encourage feedback

Customer feedback is essential to any business, whether you’re a customer-focused business or not. Feedback systems can be used quickly to identify any areas of your business or facility that aren’t meeting company or organization expectations. Your business can then take the data or feedback and use it to create better systems that are designed to improve your customer or client experience.

After a customer finishes conducting business with you, they often express their views on your business and customer service to friends, family, and through social media or online review sites. Implementing an avenue that prompts customers to provide feedback directly to you can save you some headaches and allow you to quickly rectify a negative situation.

Feedback and the data you gather can ensure that your customers have a great experience every time that they enter your business or facility. By embedding IoT into your facilities management, the information you receive from your occupants can be gathered in real time. Their experiences will not only help you know what your users want, but also allow you to continuously improve.

Personalize engagement

Creating an engaging experience is always beneficial for both you and your occupants. You can create a personalized experience with sensor technology and request action from users via their mobile device. Automated yet personalized updates and messages can be sent to users who interact with your systems or when they are within a certain geographic area.

Each interaction is a data point. The combination of all the data from these individual interactions will help you create a holistic view of the customer, their experiences and add context to that customer’s unique relationship with you. It will also allow you to focus on actionable analytics and discover new opportunities to enrich and personalize your consumer-facing programs.

When you implement the right technological solutions, it allows you to aggregate information you collect from various points of customer engagement. That data can be used by marketing and customer service departments to create individualized communications based on the customer’s activities and create new value by fostering communications that deliver results.

Improve insights and provide a consistent experience

When using IoT, connected equipment in higher education, business and manufacturing, aviation, life sciences, and more, can create numerous data streams and analytics potential. The information can provide you with much greater insights into business operations and how customers and occupants flow through the facility.

Another common benefit across IoT applications is the ability to view multiple facilities and the specific details about their operations. Research has shown that a consistent experience is critical for building brand resonance. And there is no better way than implementing digital solutions into your facility to help you provide a similarly seamless experience and build trust.

The information you gather can also monitor, manage and adjust inventory orders, maintenance schedules and trigger cleaning and disinfection services. These proactive measures can lead to better tracking, greater customer satisfaction and reduced costs.

IoT has become instrumental in improving user experiences and driving personalization in customer service. By delivering real-time, intelligent and actionable data to connected systems and users, it improves awareness, uniformity and response time.

Every facility can find value from implementing IoT into their facilities operations, devices and services. However, the benefits will only only occur when IoT seamlessly interacts with other applications, such as CMMS or WO software. This allows the true value of IoT to be fully realized because you will have a holistic view of your facilities and be able to monitor operations and manage assets.

Flagship Facility Services can help you implement IoT solutions to improve your facility's insights, inventory management and flexibility. We have experienced and professional teams ready to help your business with your IoT requirements and your Integrated facilities management needs.

Flagship's customizable approach to your facility's needs will help you incorporate IoT solutions that will protect your occupants and assets now and into the future.

If you have any questions or inquiries about how IoT could help your business, please don’t hesitate to email a facilities expert today and get the help you need to drive your facility towards a digital transformation.