Meet Joshua Philbrook - President, DENS Facility Services

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Joshua Philbrook, DENS' President, is the newest addition to the Flagship senior leadership team. In the months since becoming a Flagship company and adding DENS' Life Sciences-specific expertise to our IFM services portfolio, we've learned more about, and come to truly value, Joshua's vast experience in and mastery of the nuances of facility services in the Life Science sector.

My "Why"

Joshua's passion for serving the Life Sciences industry began almost 20 years ago when his mother was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML). Given a grim prognosis of only 6 months to live, the discoveries and therapies the Life Sciences industry afforded her (including a double stem cell transplant) during her battle have had an amazing result: she is cancer-free, 18+ years past her initial life expectancy.

Far from unique, many DENS employees find their "why" in their very personal experiences with cancers, multiple sclerosis, and other rare diseases. We DENSify our work, and find our passion, in our "why".

A Passion for Life Sciences

With more than 13 years in the Life Science and Healthcare industries, Joshua's career is focused on the betterment and sustainability of these vital sectors. His work has been in laboratory and hospital environments, including 3 years as Director of Facility Operations at Hopital Universitaire de Mirebalais (HUM) in Mirebalais, Haiti. In that role, Joshua managed and trained local technicians across the 300-bed state-of-the-art hospital.

Prior to his work in Haiti, Josh held progressive positions at UMass Memorial Medical Center – from consultant to life safety officer and manager of facilities.

Non-traditional Paths

Joshua's passion is helping people discover non-traditional career pathways via facility services in the life science and healthcare industries. It was through his work at UMass Memorial Medical Center, managing various technicians in multiple trades, that he experienced first-hand the vital importance of his team’s work in the quality of patient care. Ever since he has been an advocate for developing trade opportunities that create partnerships within these life-saving and patient-centered industries.

Josh holds a Master's degree in public policy and administration from Concordia University and sits on the Boston Board of Advisors for Life Science Cares. Originally from Maine, Josh resides in Arlington, Massachusetts, with his wife, Julia, sons, Alexander and Jack, and dog Puddles (who they rescued and adopted during their time in Haiti). Josh enjoys attending live music events, listening to podcasts, traveling, and meditating.