The Top 4 Smart Building Myths Debunked

Categories: Facilities Management

Over the years, facilities managers have had to work smarter – not harder—and so too have the buildings they manage. Smart buildings are here now and they offer several advantages including cost savings and increased efficiency.

Smart building can open revenue opportunities and increase employee supply chain efficiency through business intelligence. – Phoenix Business Journal.

While smart buildings are showing up on the landscape with far more frequency, there are several misconceptions that tend to minimize their benefits of this new technology. They are:

1. Myth…Smart buildings are too expensive to integrate…False.

Truth: Smart buildings can be costly to integrate…but the long-term benefits far outweigh the upfront costs. Integrating a smart system into your building mix can help save thousands of dollars each month on energy costs and extend the life of the systems that comprise it.

2. Myth…Smart buildings save on energy costs but nothing else…False.

Truth: Each year, smart buildings save on energy costs but there is a considerable trickle-down effect that must be considered. If smart technology is monitoring and making adjustments to a building as needed, your manpower utilization rates will decrease while your profits increase.

3. Myth…Only new buildings can be smart buildings…False.

Truth: We’re happy to report that there is no truth to this one either. ALL buildings have the potential to be run by smart technology. No matter how large or small a building may be, a solution can be crafted to fit the needs of the staff that it supports.

4. Myth…Smart and Green mean the same thing when it comes to a building...False.

Truth: A building can be smart and green at the same time but being one does not mean you are both. There are similarities between the two concepts but at the end of the day, they’re very different. “Smart” is focused on technology while “green” is focused on the planet. Both causes are noble but when you combine them, something special is bound to happen in your building.

So – is Smart really Smart?

Smart building technology is here to stay and it’s become more prevalent with each passing year. In order for facilities managers to continue serving their customers, operators must be willing to learn about and adapt to this growing phenomenon. This will allow facility managers to deliver a higher level of service, save valuable resources, and better serve their customers.

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