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Visions of Corporate Growth

Growth in 2020

Business practices and the priorities of C-level executives help set the pace for the entire company. Gartner surveyed senior business executives and found the top priorities they are considering as 2019 ends and 2020 begins.

For the upcoming year, the survey shows that most executives are focusing on tactical performance in order to grow the company, enhance their data and improve finances. These are some mighty big goals, and since most senior executives know that there is only so much time in a day, some priorities (from 2019) have taken a backseat; including the corporate facilities and workforce.

Growth in 2020

53 percent of C-level executives say driving growth will be a key strategic priority for 2020. While growth is essential for any business, when you align the strategic elements of people, processes and technology, business growth will follow. These elements will also improve competitive skills and help a company stay relevant which sustains long-term survival.

Succeed by focusing on tactical performance.

Improve data insight and intelligence

Outdated workflows, IT and manual systems are a thing of the past. Customers are demanding experience-centric practices with seamless engagement across all platforms and touchpoints. The CMO Council also found that data security, privacy and accountability are the highest ranked demands from the modern, digitally connected buyer.

Customers want to do business with organizations that are more customer-focused, more innovative, agile and digital. Businesses need to prioritize swift execution, efficiency in structures, speed to market and customer-focused responses while improving secure and safe transactions. Allow your technology to support your strategy, rather than dictate it.

Increase your mission on sustainability

Strategic initiatives, environmental obligations, employee health and safety, occupant experience, cost and budget – these are all critical areas of concern when you manage a business. By optimizing resource allocation and delivering sustainable practices that balance people, our planet and your profit, you promote sustainability in all business activities, and it reinforces your leading position in the future.

You may also keep more of your workforce. The top reason professionals will look for a new job in 2020, according to a survey by Korn Ferry, is that their employers’ culture doesn’t fit with their values (38 percent). Customers aren’t the on ones supporting the sustainable disruption movement. The survey states that the leading employee goal for 2020 is creating an impact/making a difference and they want to work for companies that have a similar focus. This goal tops the wish list for professionals in 2020 – and it’s more desired than a promotion, more pay and better work-life balance combined.

Prepare employees for the changes that are coming

Planning to grow without a sufficiently prepared workforce is a doomed initiative. According to previous statistics, 2019 was not the year for training employees. Many employees want to receive training and would participate in it if it was available. Re-skilling employees and preparing them for the growth ahead with training in customer service, customer experience, leadership, problem-solving and other soft skills will play a pivotal role to your success.

Balance Priorities by asking for help

For many, asking for help can be a difficult task. Studies have shown that individuals underestimate the likelihood that someone will help them by as much as 50%, meaning that people are far more willing to help than assumed. To receive help, however, you must ask.

Growth in 2020

When you have more time on your plate, because you’ve received helped from fellow employees or outsourced services, you can use that time to achieve great things for the company’s growth.

This extra time will allow you to take on initiatives that improve your processes and deliver better experiences to your clients. Play to your strengths and build on your challenges. Consider improving the omnichannel practice, reinventing the customer experience through digital innovation, and championing a customer-centric corporate culture across your enterprise. Finally, always check with your customers to ensure a good experience is received. Make sure your customers are happy with the experience they receive, find pain points and improve the things that irritate them. Then make sure you let them know that you took strides to improve the system.

It’s a competitive world out there and if you want to survive, you need to grow. However, because of limited resources, when you focus on growth, other needs are not met. When your facilities are taken care of, your business runs more smoothly and a company with a strong Integrated Facilities Management team can alleviate your physical asset worries.


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