What’s in the water?

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Drinking water on airplanes can be a hazard

Water is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. It helps the organs work, allows the skin to glow and regulates body temperature. Proper intake has many benefits, but when it comes to drinking water on an airplane, there are risks.

A 2015 study found that 1 in every 8 airplanes didn’t meet passenger water quality standards. This means that not only the water, but everything using it has contaminants. This includes coffee and tea – two of the most requested in-flight drinks .

Airlines should clean their water tanks a minimum of once per year. Often, that’s the only time these tanks receive a cleaning. Some airplanes run constantly which leaves no time to clean their tanks. This results in dangerous microbial accumulations that endanger the entire flight population.

  • Make cleaning the tanks a priority: Cleaning the large water tanks takes time. While it can be a challenge, it pales in comparison to the headache that comes from a dirty one. This is why clean tanks should be a top priority for every carrier.
  • Break up the flight distances: Long-haul flights use poorly-maintained municipal sources to refill their water tanks. These sources consist of contaminated water and this is where the challenge begins. Breaking up the flight allows the airplane to use a more trusted refill source.
  • Provide bottled water: It’s common for passengers to request water during the flight. Often, this water comes from the airplane water tank – placing the entire flight at risk. Stocking planes with bottled water remedies this and preserves passenger health.
  • Use bottled water -- for all drinks: Aside from water, coffee and tea are the two most popular in-flight drinks. Both need water and in most cases, that water comes from the tanks. Using bottled water protects passengers from the harmful influence and ensures safe flights.

Clean water is an essential part of life – and a healthy flight. This is why airlines should take precautions to ensure they have access to it. Passengers depend on them for safe arrivals. Going the extra mile and making sure the water is up to standard is another way to show customers come first.

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