How to Attract and Retain FM Professionals in 2022

Categories: Staffing, Facilities Maintenance

The results of the 2022 Facility Management (FM) Training Outlook Survey are in, and they help to paint a clearer picture of what drives modern FM professionals.

Since 2019, the Professional Facility Management Institute (ProFMI) and Building Operating Management (BOM) magazine have conducted the survey to determine the need for facility management training and credentials from both the management and staff points of view.

The latest survey was conducted in February and March of 2022 to identify FM trends across four categories, including building and retaining the FM workforce.

In recent years, attracting and retaining staff has proven more difficult than ever, as employees have left jobs in pursuit of higher wages and better work opportunities. As a result, employers have experienced increased stress, turnover expenses, and loss of knowledge.

Avoiding these outcomes has become a top priority – especially in facilities management, which expects about 50% of its workforce to retire in the next 5 to 15 years.

By understanding what new and experienced FMs are looking for in a career opportunity, employers can differentiate themselves from the competition, retain top talent, and build an effective workforce.

So, what exactly is driving FM professionals? The survey reveals that FM staff are motivated by the following three factors:

Compensation & Benefits

It should come as no surprise that FM professionals are motivated by compensation and benefits. But not every employer is positioned to compete when it comes to salary – especially those in the public sector. Keep in mind that benefits can take many different forms, including flexible work schedules, wellness programs, casual dress codes, and commuting assistance.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced people to re-evaluate how they spend their time, where they find their meaning, and what they want for their future. Lucky for employers, it’s not all about money anymore. Workers increasingly value rest, relaxation, and family time. Appeal to these motives, and your staff are sure to take notice.

Training & Development Opportunities

Although many FM professionals are pursuing credentials (from Facility Management Professional [FMP] to ProFM), they often lack the financial and moral support they need to succeed. Employers can capitalize on this opportunity by implementing formal training and development programs as well as financial aid solutions.

Not only is training and development a huge benefit to employees, but it’s a win for the hiring organization. According to the survey, 74% of FM employers believe that training and credentials result in better job performance.

Internal Advancement

With a formal training and development program in place, it becomes easier for employers to develop well-defined career paths and establish career advancement opportunities. Again, enacting an internal advancement program costs the organization little to nothing but can have an enormous impact on employees, and in turn, on retention.

In the past year, 66% of FM managers and staff have left or have considered leaving their job. Whether you’re an employer trying to hold on to top talent, or you’re an organization looking to grow your workforce, plenty of opportunity lies ahead. Identifying and addressing the needs of employees is the first step in seizing it.

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