Celebrating Our Veterans at Flagship

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Our servicemen and women are among the most respected members of society, bravely placing their lives on the line each day to protect the very freedoms our great nation was founded upon.

In honor of Veterans Day, Flagship would like to showcase some of our amazing Veteran team members.

Michelle L.
Human ResourcesMichell Lefland_Human Resources Manager_Veteran

As one of the first women of VC-6, Michelle was part of an eight-member crew that provided aerial and surface target services for fleet forces operating worldwide.


Ethan Nelson_Associate Supervisor_Veteran_US NavyEthan N.
Associate Supervisor

Ethan N. served in the United States Navy and felt that it was definitely one of the best decisions he’s ever made. He is proud that he was able to serve his country and make a difference!!

The turning point in Ethan’s Naval Career was his deployment 2 weeks after 9/11 in which his ship, the USS Theodore Roosevelt, spearheaded the charge against the terrorists who attacked our great country.


Keith M.
Regional Safety Manager

Keith is a proud Veteran and Flagship employee.

Keith was a Navy Corpsman assigned to a Fleet Marine Unit. He was part of the 2nd Recon Platoon, 2nd Marine Division for 8 years based out of Camp LeJeune, NC.

After leaving Active Duty, Keith spent another 2 years in the Reserves with the 4th Marine Division that is based out of the Joint Reserve Center in Fort Worth, TX.

Keith thoroughly enjoyed his 10 years of Military Service and all the memories he has.

Del F.
Divisional Environment, Health and Safety ManagerDel Forbes_EHS Manager_Veteran_US Army

Del served as a medic in the US Army during the first gulf war in the early ’90s. His experience as a Medic treating the hurt and wounded sparked his passion for preventing injuries and set him on the path to work as a safety professional.

Del says that it was an honor to serve his country for a total of 9 years.


William F.
Operations Manager

William is retired Navy and served until 1999 with honor and distinction and enjoyed his tour of Duty. He served on board the USS Eisenhower, USS Nitro, USS South Carolina, USS Mobile Bay and the USS Lake Erie.

William had the honor of serving as a Navy Detailer and was selected to serve on the Clinton Inauguration Committee where he oversaw the transportation of all 52 governors.  He also served overseas as a US Customs official and was selected as the USS Lake Erie ship’s sailor of the year and represented the ship at the Navy League of Hawaii.


Lee Hesson_HR Manager_Veteran_US ArmyLee H.
Human Resources ManagerLee Hesson & Squad_HR Manager_Veteran_US Army

Lee joined the US Army in 2003 and served as an Administrative Specialist (Civilian HR). She received numerous awards and commendations including the Combat Action Badge while undergoing fire in Afghanistan.

Lee made it to the rank of Staff Sergeant (SSG). She worked with Special Forces, Military Police, and Army Headquarters developing training and ensuring strength operations for over 26,000 troops. While deployed, she served as a Casualty Operations Sergeant and also coordinated numerous teams throughout Afghanistan.

Monte Michell_Janitor_Veteran_US Army National GuardMonte M.
Janitorial Services

Monte (Sgt.) serves in the National/ State Guard in the US Army. He primarily works with G4 logistics and the (S4) in supply.

Monte has been active since 2013, and still enjoys his monthly deployment - being able to serve one weekend a month – while still working with his Flagship family.

It is important that you do not forget to appreciate the Veterans in your community every day, but make sure to give them even more appreciation on November 11. Spend some time with the Veterans in your life, say thank you, or volunteer your time to help older or disabled vets.

Flagship recognizes the unique qualifications applicants with a military background possess. We appreciate and welcome the great skills our nation’s service members can provide to our business.

Learn more about Flagship and join our amazing team! Apply today.