Your Six-Month Reminder: Perform a Facility Check-Up

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With the first half of the year nearly behind us, it’s the perfect time to conduct a six-month check-up on your facility.

No matter what type of facility you occupy, check-ups are an important tool. Not only do they ensure that systems are operating efficiently, but they also lay the groundwork for effective service throughout the year.

Most importantly, check-ups are crucial to protecting the health and safety of facility occupants – a top priority of the FM function.

Why Check-Up?

There are many reasons to perform a six-month check-up beyond the obvious benefits (i.e., improved building performance, reduced costs, and documentation), including to:

Assess natural disaster and security threats.

The impact of weather-related events can be minimized by evaluating building systems and making preemptive changes, such as raising electrical systems to protect against flooding and utilizing non-flammable materials to avoid damage in the event of drought and fire. You may also consider taking steps to mitigate the possibility of an active shooter scenario and other threats to building security.

Consider system upgrades and expansions.

Outdated systems make your facility more susceptible to operational inefficiencies, work disruptions, and cyber threats. Check-ups can be used to identify equipment issues and propose upgrades and replacements. For example, implementing an Energy Storage System (ESS) in place of an electrical system can increase energy efficiency and reduce your dependency on the power grid.

Create a list of projects and priorities.

Check-ups also present an opportunity to establish priorities for the remainder of the year. By determining your current and future capital expenses, you can adjust your budget appropriately and start carrying out critical jobs. Some maintenance and repair items may be bundled, saving you money in the long run.

What to Look for

Facility management needs vary greatly depending on the function of the building. But there are some standards that exist across all facilities – including HVAC systems, fire and safety systems, lighting, and plumbing. Here are just a few of the items you might find on a six-month checklist:


  • Clean & inspect ducts
  • Replace air filters
  • Calibrate thermostats

Fire & Safety

  • Replace smoke alarm batteries
  • Ensure fire extinguishers are functioning
  • Remove obstructions from doorways and stairwells


  • Test fire strobe lights
  • Check bulbs for damage
  • Look for opportunities to replace old bulbs with LEDs


  • Fire-test boilers and water heaters
  • Check pipes for damage
  • Test water shut-off systems

General Maintenance

  • Check for ceiling leaks
  • Check for carpet stains and paint damage
  • Remove trash buildup

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