Expert Perspective | Driving Success Through Employee Engagement

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Driving Success Through Employee Engagement

In this edition of “An Expert’s P.O.V.”, Flagship’s Dennis Carpenter, Senior Director of Sales, offers advice for enhancing employee engagement.

One of the most common questions I’ve been asked over the past two years is, “How do we engage with our employees?” With many employees still working from home and in today’s challenging job market, it’s imperative that companies go the extra mile to ensure their employees feel valued and safe. And since it’s still an employee’s market – with roughly 1.5 jobs for everyone looking for work – engaging with your employees is more vital than ever.

Flagship has a unique perspective on employee engagement. After all, our whole business model is built around providing consistent on-site support to our customers. Our dedicated employees work tirelessly to deliver exceptional service around the clock. And they must be present daily, even if the customer’s employees are working remotely.

So, what’s our secret? We’ve found that a combination of robust training and development along with a comprehensive engagement and recognition program are key to helping us motivate and retain our talented people. Every employee is trained in Flagship’s core values and incentivized to go above and beyond.

Core Value Icons

Flagship Academy – our internal training platform – allows employees to continually develop their skills at their own pace. This gives employees the opportunity not just to hone their skills but to position themselves for advancement, as we pride ourselves on promoting from within.

While employee engagement has always been instrumental in our success, we also prioritize overall company culture. According to a recent Glassdoor study, “3 in 4 adults would consider a company’s culture before applying”. We strive to attract and retain employees by making work fun and offeringEmployee Engagement rewards such as:

  • Employee of the Month awards
  • Holiday and employee recognition parties
  • Spot bonuses for going above and beyond
  • Team building events for inspection scores of 90% and above

We also support our customers’ employee engagement efforts by assisting with brainstorming, budgeting, planning, vendor coordination, and execution. While providing food and alcohol is a surefire way to bring employees together, we’ve found success with other types of events, including:

  • Family days and company picnics
  • Game nights (also held online to engage remote employees)
  • College day parties (to engage emerging talent)
  • Silent discos

Gone fully remote? Here are a few suggestions for engaging employees who don’t physically come into the office:People Having Coffee

  • Host virtual happy hours, book club meetings, yoga sessions, etc.
  • Keep lines of communication open
  • Encourage employees to interact with each other online
  • Suggest in-person activities such as coffee chats or lunch dates
  • Conduct regular check-ins and ask for feedback

Whether it’s a simple happy hour or something more involved, such as an off-site company picnic, employee engagement is an integral aspect of running a successful business today. By consistently engaging employees and focusing on company culture, you can attract and retain highly talented employees while improving your return-to-work efforts.

Flagship has extensive experience organizing employee activities for a variety of clients, including some of Silicon Valley’s largest tech companies. We are the driving force behind hundreds of events – from the casual to the upscale.

Whether you’re seeking a specific service or full-scale support, we’re here to help. Our representatives manage all aspects of event planning, including brainstorming and idea development, scheduling and budgeting, vendor coordination, event set-up and breakdown, pre-and post-event cleaning, and on-site support and security.

For more information about our services, email one of our facilities experts here.