How Facilities Management Impacts Workplace Happiness and Performance

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The research is clear: Happy employees are more productive and better at their jobs than unhappy employees. And, although many factors contribute to employee happiness, the physical workplace has one of the biggest impacts on how workers feel about their jobs.

Even though facilities management isn't the go-to department for maintaining employee health and happiness, the function plays a crucial part in creating a clean and comfortable environment for workers to enjoy.

Often, we’re so focused on the cultural aspects of the workplace, such as employee events and recognition, that we forget to acknowledge the effect of environmental elements, such as layout and lighting.

But the truth is that these things matter. And it’s up to facilities management to incorporate them in such a way that inspires employees to do their best – day in and day out.

Below, we explore the role of facilities management in establishing optimal work conditions and the powerful influence these conditions have on employee happiness.


Not only does a clean workplace breed employee satisfaction, but it improves overall health and well-being, leading to fewer sick days and increased productivity. Facilities management is directly responsible for maintaining workplace cleanliness – an especially important job in today’s climate. Many facilities teams are implementing major changes to their overall cleaning strategies as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, helping to put employees at ease as they begin their transition back into the workplace.

Air Quality & Temperature

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is a key component of cleanliness and can be another determinant of employee health and happiness. Facility managers can protect employees from the side effects of poor IAQ (including headaches, fatigue, and irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat) by ensuring proper ventilation and regular building maintenance. Not to mention, they can make employees more comfortable by closely monitoring temperature and making adjustments as appropriate (or transferring temperature control to the employees, which is proven to boost workplace satisfaction).


Natural lighting improves our mood, lowers stress, and increases energy levels. So, it’s no wonder employees value its presence in the workplace. Although the amount of light employees get is largely pre-determined by building construction, there are steps facility managers can take to brighten up a space, including reconfiguring furniture to let in more light, incorporating mirrors in the facility’s design, and integrating more light sources, such as skylights and tubular daylight devices.

Ultimately, a workplace optimized for employee productivity will lead to better performance, stronger recruitment and retention, and increased profitability.

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