Culinary Services Redefining Corporate Dining for Hybrid Work

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Redefining Corporate Dining for the Hybrid Work Era

In 2023, workplace arrangements continued to evolve, with hybrid models becoming more and more prevalent. In fact, about 74% of U.S. companies are using or have plans to implement a permanent hybrid work model.

US Workers Full Time StatHowever, there's a notable discrepancy between what employees want and what employers are mandating. This year, 66% of workers returned to the office full-time, though only 22% preferred this arrangement. While hybrid work arrangements have gained widespread acceptance, the balance between employer mandates and employee preferences remains delicate.

Amidst this push and pull between employers and employees, Flagship Culinary Services has seen corporate dining emerge as a catalyst of workplace culture, helping to draw employees back to the office by promoting a sense of community and belonging.

For this reason, we’re thrilled to announce plans to broaden our culinary services to more effectively cater to our clients’ needs. This expansion is not only a strategic step in the growth of our company, but it also enables us to support our clients’ return-to-work initiatives during a pivotal phase in the evolution of the workplace.

Flagship Culinary Services has long been a leader in corporate dining solutions, dedicated to enhancing the workplace experience through exceptional culinary offerings. With a focus on quality, innovation, and community, we strive to deliver dining experiences that inspire and connect people in the corporate world.

“Our goal is to make every dining experience memorable, encouraging employees to enjoy not just the food but also the shared experience of dining together," said Joseph Dircks, Corporate Executive Chef for Flagship Culinary Services. “In doing so, we reinforce the sense of belonging and community that is essential for a vibrant and productive workplace.”

Executive Chef Joseph Dircks QuoteFlagship’s updated culinary offering will center on Mise en Place – a multi-component culinary program combining menu selection, procurement, and training technology to streamline culinary operations and better accommodate employee preferences.

Mise en Place’s benefits are wide-ranging:

  • Reduce waste: By optimizing inventory management, we’re able to minimize waste and support sustainability initiatives.
  • Maximize cost savings: Mise en Place’s intelligent procurement capabilities drive cost savings without compromising quality.
  • Consolidate vendors: We simplify vendor management by consolidating suppliers; and streamlining the procurement process.
  • Minimize deliveries: Streamlined procurement leads to fewer deliveries, minimizing disruptions and operational complexity.
  • Drive consistency: Standardizing the purchasing process and consolidating vendors helps us guarantee that every meal maintains the highest standard of quality.
  • Save time: Efficiency translates into time savings, meaning we have more time to focus on delivering outstanding culinary experiences.Chef Preparing Meal Service

Mise en Place is not just about great food; it's about making the most of in-office hours. By creating a food-based hub, we enhance onsite collaboration and attendance, transforming the office into a vibrant space where work and community thrive.

“With Mise en Place, we bring a level of culinary artistry and organization previously unseen in corporate dining," said Dircks. “This program is key to transforming corporate cafeterias into vibrant community tables, where employees gather not just to eat, but to connect, collaborate, and engage with their colleagues.”

For more information about our culinary offering, visit the Flagship Culinary Services website.